NRF905SE komunikacioni modul

– 170 channels, to satisfy multi-point communication and realize group networking communication, TDMA-CDMA-FDMA
– Built-in 8/16 byte calibration, easy to develop and stable data transmission
– 433MHz ISM bands-free license to use
– Working voltage 1.9~3.6V, low power consumption, standby mode current is 2.5uA
– Receive sensitivity: -100dBm
– Receive and transmit switch time: < 650us
– Receive and transmit Max. 32 byte, set transmission and receive 2 / 4 / 8 / 16 / 32 bytes buffer size via software
– Set address via software, send data when receive the address (With breaking off indication), directly connected to microcontroller, convenient to program
– Max. Transmit power: 10mW
– Max. Current: <30mA
– Receive mode current: 12.2mA
– Built-in SPI interface, can use I/O port simulate SPI. Max. SPI clock up to 10M
– Standard DIP pin patch
– Transmission rate is 50Kbps
– Communication distance up to 200~300m, indoor communication 3-6 layers